Looking On The Bright Side of Sobriety

The Benefits of Using Sobriety Coins

When you look around your community you realize that alcohol addiction is a big problem to many people around you and some are struggling to get rid of it. Apart from joining an alcohol rehab center, you can also join an Alcoholic Anonymous group where you get other people who have the same problem of addiction like you and they will help you stay sober. The sponsors of the Alcoholic Anonymous group help the Alcoholics get sober, and they award them with the sobriety coins when they stay certain months or days without taking alcohol to mark their achievements. If you are the leader of a certain Alcoholics Anonymous group, and you’re considering getting the sobriety coins or medallions for your group, check out the following article to see the many benefits that they will bring to the addicts when you award them.

When you award the addict with the sobriety coin to gives them an encouragement to keep on fighting the addiction, get clean and lead a healthy life. An award to someone who has been struggling to attain a certain milestone in their lives gives them more reinforcement to work harder, therefore, giving the sobriety coin to the addicts gives them the strength to keep on fighting the addiction.

The sobriety coin is also a reminder to the addict that they should stay sober. Since the sobriety coins are tangible they will act as a constant reminder of the vows the addict made to stay clean especially when they get a temptation since a look at the coin reminds them of what they swore to keep.

The sobriety coin is also a sign of hope because they represent the achievements the addict has made so far in staying clean, and it helps them keep on fighting the addiction problem. Fighting addiction is not easy and for an adverse addict staying sober for even a single day is not simple; therefore when you award them with the sobriety coin after the first 24 hours they are happy, and they will get the hope to keep on fighting and stay clean completely.

The sobriety coins also act as a sign of support that the addict is getting from the people around them and the community in general; therefore they know that they have people who care about them and they will always try to stay sober and not fail them.

The sobriety coins give the addict something to anticipate to, and they will work towards achieving it; therefore they will always stay sober to get the higher rank coins, and before they know it, they have shaken off the addiction problem.

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