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Sweating is a normal and essential phenomenon organism completely, since it has excreted from the body of harmful substances. In the hot summer months, however, excessive sweating, for many of us is literally suffering. Wet cake in the armpits or on the back, sweaty shoes and unpleasant scent, we know intimatelyfrom public transport. These are all consequences of the so-called Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. The aim of the application of Auralei Purity Cream is to block activation of sweat glands in the problem areas. Sweat glands are controlled by pulse emanating from the brain and it has the ability to transfer these pulses to trigger sweating block. The procedure is fast and the effect of treatment occurs after two to ten days. How long it will last is a matter of individual, usually it’s between six to nine months.


Annoying is when a person sweats excessively. Excessive sweating may at first glance appear to be a relatively trivial problem. Besides unsightly effect and odor however, creates excessive sweating also carries the risk of proliferation of fungal and bacterial infections. Those most often affects the feet, the area between the toes area for women under the breasts or in the folds of the lower abdomen.

The most typical solution is the use of Auralei Purity Cream, which reduce the production of perspiration, and thereby prevent the bad odor. In professional circles, however, always a discussion about the negative effects of aluminum compounds, which are contained in antiperspirants, on human health. It should be noted that it is not only the natural compound, but also other substances, for example, parabens, which are still speculation about their impact on breast cancer and to be added to antiperspirants as preservatives. If you want to be sure that in your body, you are not getting through antiperspirant pollutants, choose skin care cream without these controversial ingredients. The positive trend of taking care of their own health, the environment and non-maleficence everyday consumer products in recent years is very familiar. Auralei Purity Cream with essential oils provide natural protection against perspiration and limit the development of body odors as effectively as the most common, but in a natural healthy way.


Auralei Purity Cream keeps skin fresh in hot days

Summer weather is good, of course, for adaptation and make-up. If you do not want to you during the summer heat melted makeup, try to cool your skin with Auralei Purity Cream as much as possible. We advise you to some of his uses to make yourself smell fresh and look great while even in the heat. Sweating is quite natural, especially in the summer, but if you have an important meeting ahead or await guests at a garden barbecue, it’s probably the last thing you want to deal with such a situation. When in preparation for running from one thing to another, hardly will have time to enjoy a cool shower or jump into the garden pool. Be not without fear, there is Auralei Purity Cream to keep face and body cool and relatively dry in the heat of the biggest.

The easiest thing you can do for yourself is to determine the period for which you may be out during the day without your body began to overheat. After the expiration of such time, go inside, turn on the fan, and if you can, stay inside until late afternoon. Keep an eye on how long you expose your skin to sunlight and everyday use Auralei Purity Cream. Protect your face wearing sunglasses and wide hat. Indeed, these are the habits that you should follow during the year when the sun shines full.

Because of the long hair covering the back of the neck will not only be more sweat, but can also increase your body temperature by one or two degrees! A great way to stay cool in the heat, you let your hair right at the beginning of summer a little shorter. If you want a cutting or hear at least wear a hair pinned up. Try the elegant chignon or ponytail, whose end is closed. One of the most popular summer hairstyles is piled high ponytail on top of head.

Auralei Purity Cream hydrates your skin

It pleasantly cools down your skin and you will suddenly feel refreshed. During the summer, also do not forget to hydrate your skin enough. Even when it’s hot and humid, your skin still needs the care that you would normally rake in the colder months. Once you feel how you are in a hot car or other hot spot wtih flowable makeup, Auralei Purity Cream cools you immediately and you will feel refreshed, at least for a while. For an even stronger effect, use your favorite scent – for example, mint, citrus or lavender.

Regarding the actual makeup, choose the kind of “fuzzy” style, and quite deliberately. Summer eye make-up, although it should be as light as possible, but if you want to choose a little more solemn visage, use Auralei Purity Cream that make the skin soft. It lasts a little longer than the liquid and additionally looks great on a summer dewy skin.


  • AHA fruit acid
  • LHA (lipohydroxy-acid)
  • Acai oil
  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Green tea extract
  • Retinol
  • Vitamin C
  • Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10)


Auralei Purity Cream prevents acne at any age

Acne is not just a teenage problem, although 85% of them suffer from this disease. At the age of 25 years have acne and 12% of women aged 45 years, affects 5% of women. Mild forms of acne are more of a cosmetic problem, serious longer issue requires treatment. The cause of acne is a disorder horn cells release a hormone imbalance. Keratinization disorder of the mouth of the sebaceous glands, which leads to blockage of the outlets, will be reflected in the interaction of other adverse factors (eg. hormonal imbalances, stress, the response to external influences, or even the effects of the treatment of some internal diseases).

The basis of treatment is regular gentle cleansing of the skin with Auralei Purity Cream that releases the excess horn and remove accumulated sebum. Treatment methods aimed at reducing seborrhea, to release the horn from the mouth of the sebaceous glands and exposure to microbes and inflammatory component of the disease. It is a topical agents, accompanied by physical methods, and in extreme cases, drugs that are administered globally.

Among the active agents include retinoids, which regulate keratinization cells in the mouth of the sebaceous glands and prevents their conclusion. However, this treatment is often accompanied by drying and irritation of the skin, which leads to poor patient compliance. The comparable effect of Auralei Purity Cream on acne has also azelaic acid, which counteracts the formation of comedones and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Unlike other retinoids and topical products cause minimal irritation. Preparations containing this substance may also be applied during the summer period and sensitive skin.

Composition of Auralei Purity Cream

AHA fruit acid (alpha hydroxy acid) and LHA (lipohydroxy-acid) are included in Auralei Purity Cream, a kind of medical cosmetics. They work if they are contained in an amount of at least 8-10%. In higher concentrations, they can cause irritation. Inflammatory processes can be influenced locally used antibiotics or other anti-inflammatory drugs. Overall, Auralei Purity Cream can be used antibiotics or retinoids therapy. It is always to be reckoned with the fact that at the start of treatment generally occurs at 2-3 weeks to temporary aggravation of the clinical picture and a treatment effect is for regular treatment can wait after 4-6 weeks. Most medical cosmetics for the treatment of acne skin subject to medical prescription.

It is now available to patients without a prescription and the above mentioned acid, azelaic acid, suitable as the basic local therapy for all forms of acne. During acne treatments it is necessary to avoid practices that unnecessarily stress the skin: unauthorized peeling, rough mechanical treatment of inflammatory skin manifestations or massage the affected areas.

Auralei Purity Cream and skin irritation issues have been discussed for several decades. So far, a number of studies have been performed to examine the link between Auralei Purity Cream and skin condition. However, the results are conclusive. Generally, it is recommended that a balanced, varied and healthy cream with plenty of vitamins and minerals.


Auralei Purity Cream neutralizes the skin of harmful substances

Warm sunny days are charged with positive energy nearly every one of us. More and more we rest and summer vacation. Whether you plan to relax at home or abroad, underline your summer tan with Auralei Purity Cream. Get inspired to be beautiful with hot summer days.

The skin is under constant stress caused by unfavorable natural conditions, stress, cold, wind, smog, temperature changes, UV radiation, pollution or cigarette smoke. It is very important to remove all the dirt that settles on the skin during the day, or is excreted during sleep. Auralei Purity Cream neutralizes the skin of harmful substances from the environment and helps breathe better. For adequate protection of the skin against external influences, use this cream. It intensively cares for the skin, detoxifies it moisturizes and nourishes. The summer atmosphere includes vigor and vitality. If your skin throughout the day tired, fine wrinkles and no brightness, it helps the skin beauty and brightening hydrating fluids.

It can be applied depending on the mood and needs a moisturizer under makeup or without makeup. You can use it on the entire face or locally (on the parts around the eyes, under the eyes, the eyebrows, on the edge of the nose, nose, cheekbones, chin, etc.) to the neckline but also on other body parts that you want to brighten and shine. To highlight the contours can be applied under the cheekbones and forehead. It can also be applied to the entire face makeup, ideally large round brush. It is designed to brighten the individual lots. Apply it smaller round brush (or fingers) on the eyelids, in the inner corners of the eyes, below the brows, on the tops of cheekbones, bridge of the nose and above the upper lip. It can be applied with a larger round brush to the entire face. It is designed to model the contours of the face. Apply it smaller round brush on the forehead to the hairline at the temples, under the cheekbones, jaw and sides of the nose. It can also be used on the shading eyelids.

Auralei Purity Cream for eyes and lips

The basis of eye make-up is a golden hue. If you apply a shadow on the entire eyelid and your eyes beautifully shine. Again, reach for brightening palette. White it is applied at the center of the lid and under the brow. For bronzing palette, use the bottom part darker on the outside corner. Highlight your eyes with mascara to comb the lashes perfectly and naturally compresses. Do not forget the eyebrows to adjust for special pencil.

It is be very natural and fresh for lips. Auralei Purity Cream can brighten up even fresh lipstick pink or orange. Beautifully lit tanned skin and lips while protecting and moisturizing. It gives you a sense of uniqueness. And do not forget the nail polish in the summer should not miss!

Auralei Purity Cream – A skin screeing serum

Summer time swimming deserved vacations at sea and more frequent exposure to the sun. Favorite season, however, brings not just peace and relaxation, but also risks. One of the biggest is directly connected with the symbol of summer – sun. Intense sunlight on human skin contributes to increased risk of skin diseases and also includes formation of the main sources of malignant melanoma. It is not important whether you spend your free time on the beach by the sea or on the family hut by the pond. The sun can also be dangerous in places where few people would have expected.

Disease prevention does not mean any major intervention in everyday life. The key is to limit sun exposure, use Auralei Purity Cream and to expose your skin excessively long exposure to sunlight. It is therefore important to use this skin care cream with a strong protective factor against ultraviolet radiation, as well as follow certain strategies to ensure adequate protection.


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