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About bodybuilding crucial role nobody doubts. Since the essential amino acids – crucial need required. Muscle regeneration without amino acids is like the shoot unarmed – bad enough imaginable. On the market there are various forms of amino acids of varying quality. Those who are heading to the stage of success, but they do not “just” quality. They want the best. Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut in a new series represents the perfect combination of science and efficiency. It is the perfect product for those who require perfect results. Now it is offered in a practical form of instant dose.


The amino acids are the top bodybuilder’s alpha, omega, and all the other letters of the Greek alphabet. If the muscle does not have the all eight essential amino acids, do not create muscle protein. Need them all, and in optimal amounts and ratios. Anabolic ratio of essential amino acids BCAA 4: 1: 1 is specially designed to maximize muscle growth and long-term for the toughest, most demanding strength athletes.

You ask what for us it is doing? Random – it increases energy levels during sports performance through easy conversion to glucose and protects muscles from destruction thanks to “save” their own BCAA, they are the basis for faster regeneration after the performance, while delaying fatigue. It all guarantees. Each dose delivers 5,00 milligrams of the highest quality BCAA. Taking a dose in a perfectly tuned way offers performance for precision and results to perfection. The product is enriched with L-glutamine, which contributes to the muscle protein metabolism and supports restoring glycogen.

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut – A high amino acid supplement

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut has a new look and its mass popularity continues to hold. Thanks to its high natural content and a minimal representation of carbohydrates and fats constitutes one of the best accessories that you can indulge your muscles. It belongs to the expanded product line Active Power – a series for those who actively use their power. The strength of the perfection of this supplement in the long term wins in the quality and popularity. There is no better advertising than the number of satisfied and loyal customers.

It is a multi-component preparation, which comprises three kinds of ingredients. They have varying period of digestion and absorption, hence ensuring constant delivery of amino acids into muscle for up to 10 hours. Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut has a high content of branched amino acids (BCAA) and the amino acids (glutamine and moreover has extra glutamine peptides. Amino acids contained in this supplement are a source of protein, which is cleaved process hydrolyzable first short polypeptides, the peptides, respectively. Amino acid contained therein is hydrolyzed in part, because it still contains part of whey fractions, such as beta-lactoglobulin and lactoferrin.

These contents present in Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut are produced by ultrafiltration “cold”. This method ensures the preservation of the natural structure of a protein including the contents of all relevant fractions. Also it is produced by ultrafiltration at low temperature, thus it contains peptides of very low, low, medium and high molecular weight. It has a great taste and easy preparation – perfectly dissolves. Receiving this high-quality amino acid source contributes to muscle growth and to keep in situations where it is compromised catabolism. It is for those who do bodybuilding serious – is available in capsules with a new, sleek design. Its very good solubility ensures easy dissolution in stomach. Without sugar and unnecessary embellishments, it is clear formula for success. It is a product for those who want to excel.

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut – The composition

It is a six-component formula with a predominance of so-called fast ingredients. They come from two main, full-sources (animal / vegetable), which are optimized in the so-called Golden ratio and are a rich source of essential elements. Animal ingredient is a rich source of essential amino acids, especially BCAA and glutamine. Vegetable ingredients (protein isolate from European pea and glutamine peptide) is a rich source of essential amino acids, especially arginine and glutamine. The main parameter of the product is very low in ballast components, including lactose – 3%. This figure does most competing products, usually due to high content, often 10% or more.

The predominant part of the Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut is fast (whey protein concentrate, isolate, hydrolyzate + glutamine peptide) and a smaller proportion of protein slow (micellar casein and protein isolate from European pea). The range for this ratio includes the fast and slow proteins of human breast milk (approximately 3: 1), which belong to the so-called groups of milk proteins. The casein is a group consisting of cow’s milk, which contains the predominant part of slow proteins with anti-catabolic effect. The reason is complex stomach of ruminants, which consists of four parts and is able to digest cellulose and, therefore, suits continuous and regular supply of so-called slow nutrients.

The main ingredients of the Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut:

  • Silymarin
  • Creatine
  • Amino acids
  • Tongkat ali
  • Saw palmetto
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Horney goat weed
  • Boron
  • L-Glutamine

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut – An ideal pre-workout supplement

It is a unique protein-carbohydrate supplement of new generation with a completely unique composition. It is a special mixture of carbohydrate, Silymarin, Creatine and Glutamine, which has the equal energy as glucose (i.e. supplies the body with necessary sugar for maximum energy recovery, or resynthesis of muscle glycogen), but does not cause an excessive glycemia increase. Another absolute bomb for Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut is the extreme content of 200 mg BCAA and 300 mg L-Glutamine in each capsule. With this unrivaled composition, it becomes a really strong pre-workout supplement for achieving higher performance with not any harmful proteins. In the case of the inclusion of post-workout supplement, it will guarantee quick start of recovery processes necessary for significant muscle growth.

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut is designed for athletes seeking to get more strength and muscle mass, even in cases where normal food supplements do not help. This blend contains optimal ratio and combination of top protein fractions manufactured by top quality technologies. It provides maximum and long-term supply of muscle amino acids. Sufficient supply of amino acids in blood is necessary for stimulating anabolic (muscles building) process. Mixture of proteins is designed so that its individual components in digestive tract and the bloodstream processed and used sequentially.

Thanks to the high energy potential of the body is provided with the necessary energy after exercise provides the necessary replenishing muscle glycogen and efficient starting quality recovery, but does not cause undesirable extreme increase in blood glucose, which inordinately destabilizes insulin. While it is desirable to increase insulin levels, but enough is enough, and if insulin is too much, there is a rapid ‘clean up’ the bloodstream of glucose, you will feel soon hungry and a big appetite for carbohydrates and you are in a vicious circle, where you’ll build up unwanted excess fat reserves. Thanks to maximum recovery of glycogen along with good recovery without any negative fluctuations in insulin levels. It is maximally supported by the anabolic effect of insulin and is held relatively long time.

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut – A source of L-glutamine

L-glutamine is conditionally essential amino acid. It is not as much as necessary in the body, and delivery is therefore necessary, especially in situations of great physical exertion. Among these states, we can generally sort stress but intense hardcore workout that puts great demands on quality supplements at the right time. L-glutamine form a very significant proportion of all the amino acids the body, helping to eliminate the feeling of fatigue, increases testosterone and growth hormone, and has a proven anti-catabolic and anabolic effects also. With the combination of the absolute top among the revolutionary carbohydrates with protein sources – Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut – is in your hands gets the energy load that streamlines your strength training and gives you a new and expanding dimension.

At the time when you are trying to reduce fat, you need to achieve maximum results in addition to quality food to ensure two extremely important things – maximum performance on training that enables you to burn maximum calories and increased activity of metabolism speed up the process. Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut from respected supplementation is the ultimate solution. Due to its composition improves the function of your metabolism and gives you energy for a good workout. This is the basis for the successful reduction of body fat!

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut contains a wide range of proven substances that enable faster and more efficient combustion of fat.

  • Boron: The most common legal substance that stimulates the central nervous system and heart activity. It is an essential component of fat burners and stimulants.
  • Horney goat weed: It is a thermogenic agent, which increases the metabolic rate without having a negative effect on heart rate or blood pressure. It mobilizes fat stores and promotes thermogenesis.
  • Sarsaparilla: It improves the absorption rate of nutrients and thereby increasing the effectiveness of all other components of the supplement.
  • Saw palmetto: It improves concentration, purifies the body, helps to regulate blood sugar, and therefore is an important part of the Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut.
  • Vitamins and minerals: B group vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of metabolism. Chromium helps stabilize blood fat and suppresses appetite for sweet foods, a sufficient content in the body is important for proper metabolism of sugars and fats.

Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut accelerates muscle growth

To accelerate muscle growth, improve matter, improve recovery, and elevate performance finally, bring pictures of bodybuilders. All competitive bodybuilders said, to increase lean muscle these amino acids are absolutely essential! Without an amino acid, you can not build muscle mass. Muscles in fact composed of amino acids! In terms of usability and digestibility of amino, Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut stands at the very top of all amino acid sources. This is special supplement subjected during manufacture to an enzymatic process – splitting protease enzymes (enzymes degrading protein) to amino acids with long chain. These amino acids are called polypeptides. This is an enzymatic process hydrolyzable – pre-digestion. The unique characteristics are that they significantly speed up digestion time.

It is produced by a new method of pre-pressing (minimum binders). The binder is undesirable and difficult to digest, so it is important that the content to a minimum. Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut contains up to 10 times smaller amount of binder than is normal! This is absolutely fundamentally improves their digestibility. Each tablet contains the charge of amino acids and due to the minimum content of the binder is so despite the high content of amino pleasantly small and easy absorbing. It is common that other supplements have such a high content of amino acids, are up to 2x more! This causes often insolvable problem with their consumption.

Efficiency of Black Core Edge Pre WorkOut

It contains complex of all the necessary amino acids in top quality. These amino acids immediately get into the bloodstream and the burden on the digestive tract. They are made from high quality protein fraction of hydrolyzed lactalbumin rich in amino acid content. Peptides contained are biologically nonabsorbable in the body and positively affect nitrogen balance (anabolic effect). It has dramatically reduced carbohydrate content to the minimum value of 2.5%. Others have up to 28%, which is more than 10 times as much! Such an amount of sugar is not the amino acid pills do.

The efficiency of this supplement is widely known. It can increase the level of muscle mass, full strenth and get more power in the exercise. Bring together the efficiency of the supplement that mainly has no harmful consequences, and it has the composition the same like the best selling product that always provide great performance.

New research discloses directly the synergistic, favorable relations among all nutrition. In the research, it was found that a lot of people that use this supplement wtih creatine alanine got a lot clean muscle mass and reduce extra body fat than the people that took only creatine.

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