Brain Plus IQ Scam?


Examination is slowly coming to an end, but if you belong to traditional students who have the most difficult tests is left to the last minute, you definitely need a boost. Particularly that part of the body that suffer most from the examination period, is the brain. In addition, the course will use in the next semester, or by statesmen, why would he should devote adequate care and nutrition in particular. This is in addition to sleep and fresh air cornerstone proper function of the ugly things that we have in the skull. There is one of the great memory booster supplements, called Brain Plus IQ.


A research on Brain Plus IQ

Years ago, when scientists discovered that the brain works best on carbohydrate fuel, some people started to take lollipops, candies as food for the brain. However, studies have shown that the brain does not need white sugar to maintain its performance, but on the contrary. This suggests that a small Brain Plus IQ dose in the diet boosts the activity of the frontal lobe. Also, research has confirmed this claim. Especially in children, is manifested in the effect of consumption of this supplement on the thinking and reasoning skills. The results of the research of forty boys aged five years, they say, that those who have consumed a small amount of supplement, better focused and more accurately match than their peers who ate a diet without Brain Plus IQ. The differences have not been given higher IQ, social status or education of parents. The boys, whose diets contain even a small dose, achieved when testing in the average mark of the whole one degree better.

A number of studies presented at the world’s biggest meeting of experts on Alzheimer’s disease showed the same direction-how the brain works, related to what we eat. Alzheimer’s disease experts now recommend Brain Plus IQ, a supplement containing large amounts of antioxidants at least tow servings every day and the relatively small amount of fat. Important is also a good supply of vitamins series B, which reduce homocysteine levels in the blood. According to the results of one study of Brain Plus IQ consumed between ages and greatly affects the risk of Uncle Alzheimer’s disease.

It contain around 6-9% sugars (fructose and glucose), which is a little on it to diabetics or people had to worry about the weight loss. The Brain Plus IQ is, in fact, very suitable because they contain fructose, for use in the body does not need insulin, and also chrome, that is for the processing of sugar in the brain. Brain Plus IQ should be consumed, in particular, by those who want to protect your brain: it has a protective effect on nerve cells. One dose effectively protects brain 6-12 hours-longer than any other supplement.


Brain Plus IQ helps in emotional traumas

A favorite supplement, which is used in solving various problems from reducing habits to dealing with the emotional traumas from childhood and that has an impact on the functioning of the human brain, is Brain Plus IQ. Despite the fact that it is often represented by a very innocent, carries a variety of favorable effects. These include repair to the frontal lobe of the brain, the seat of will, character and moral values of man.

For those who do not understand the technique of this supplement related to leading brain by surprise. It helps the person to enter into a State of trance, in essence, the front brain lobe bypasses. It helps the hypnotize person in silence and calm is separated from external excitement and helps focus on the point. The hypnotized person is lost from the brain waves of the type of beta, which imply the healthy thinking, which includes the dynamic activity of the frontal lobe. On the contrary, there are the so-called the alpha waves, in which the brain does not analyze critically the information which he receives. Alpha waves are prominent lower frequencies than beta waves.

Brain Plus IQ is a very simple method to induce a state of hypnosis. During the hypnotic state a person receives the information and remembers what the hypnotist asks after him. Memory and the city to work well, the hypnotized person may laugh and cry. It cannot, however, critically analyze informations that are not filtered by the moral values; the rational, intellectual reasoning is omitted. It repairs front brain lobe. Hypnosis is now popular and appears in various forms. The research is filled with cases of the use of Brain Plus IQ in the solution of various psychological problems until the problems with the help overeating or dependence on nicotine.

The price and package

One pack has 60 pills and the pricing packages are as follows:

  • 5 month supply $34.95 per bottle
  • 3 month supply $45.95 per bottle
  • 1 month supply $64.95


  • Oligo flor genius
  • Geniux
  • Betaina
  • Vitamina B, C
  • Hill
  • Magnesium
  • Folic acid
  • Zinc


Brain Plus IQ, a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have very beneficial effects on the body, starting with the prevention of cardiovascular disease to the anti-inflammatory effects. Because of their significant impact on the mental health of deserve our attention. Brain Plus IQ containing omega-3 fatty acids are very important in reducing the risk of developing depression. Noteworthy is the relationship to the intelligence quotient. Some recent studies have focused on the development of a child’s brain. It was found that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal brain development in time of the critical period of its formation in early childhood. Alas, cow’s milk and milk intended for traditional dried baby food have fatty acids omega-3 deficiency. Mother’s milk contains these substances is a much larger quantity than cow’s milk.

These contexts are not just theory. Studies have demonstrated that a lack of omega-3 fatty acid in relation to the brain is permanent, lifelong consequences. Adults who have been in childhood served artificial infant food or cow’s milk, had an average of nine to 10 points lower IQ than children who took mother’s milk. The lack of adoption of breast milk may lead to later in life learning disorders. This means that it can cause a reduction of resistance to depression. If the studies show that the growth of the frontal lobe (front) is weakened by the lack of fatty acids omega-3, then we can expect a high risk of depression in people who in childhood were not breastfed breast milk. Omega-3 fatty acids for the organism are not inconsiderable. How to ensure their sufficient quantities in the diet? Brain Plus IQ is the only source.

Brain Plus IQ improves memory functions

According to Canadian scientists, Brain Plus IQ is the most important supplement of the day for anyone who needs to improve his memory. A study on elderly people showed that the adoption of this supplement after a night of fasting improves performance in memory tests. The results of the supplement appear fifteen minutes after intake. The most enduring effect while consumption should be carbohydrates (carbs). Previous studies have shown the importance of Brain Plus IQ and for the performance of school children.

The 15-year study of McGill University in Montreal: people who have low self esteem and are considered inferior, carry a greater risk of developing disorders of memory and forgetfulness. Scan of their brain showed that it has its origin in the anatomical reality-brain and satisfied people have on the whole one-fifth larger than the brains of people with fewer swaggers. This is another reason for the activities that keep you in touch with the Brain Plus IQ and that will give a feeling of importance, usefulness and satisfaction. Do not close the door behind you and do not stay long.

In overall, the polluted world toxins are often responsible for chronic behavior changes and mental illness. Since the beginning of civilization people are in contact with metals and their toxic effects. The harmful effects of heavy metals are not confined to the industrial area, but their compounds contaminate well water, which is getting into the food chain. For example, the risks of lead poisoning were found in several areas of the environment.


Brain Plus IQ improves cognitive functions and intelligence

Brain Plus IQ is not only beneficial for the muscles and heart, but also the brain. A new study has found that those individuals, who started a small dose regularly, achieve better results in tests of intelligence. However, when supplement intake ceased, the results are quickly returned to its original values — which suggests the need for a supplement. Other studies have found improvements in memory and other cognitive functions. Others have shown that regular dose helps fight depression. The exact mechanism of how it effects on the brain, is not known, but scientists believe that the role played by better supply the brain with blood and oxygen.

Brain Plus IQ has much more effects on our brains. Not surprisingly, it is our most popular supplement used for quick morning awakening. For this we pay great, however the natural stimulation of the brain. It affects the function of the brain in several ways. In order to understand its effects, it is necessary to know that the nerve cells communicate with each other through chemical substances that secrete and called neurotransmitters. You are received it by secondary cells, which subsequently leads to change. Some neurotransmitter causes stimulation, some attenuation.

The great influence of Brain Plus IQ lies primarily in its capability to affect the level of neurotransmitters: acetylcholine and of adenosine. It impairs the balance in the brain by increasing the levels of acetylcholine, by stepping in with the supply of adenosine. This disruption can have devastating results. Adenosine has the task of suppressing a number of aspects of the transmission of the nerve cells. It weakens its function allows you to stimulate the brain.

Brain Plus IQ maintains the brain balance

The man who does not know that much about of adenosine, based on this information may be the same as a “bad”. Who would want to in the brain substance that would rein in the transfer of information between the brain cells? To better understand the activities of adenosine, let’s use an analogy from the automobile industry. Probably none of us do not sit in the car to halt, but on the contrary, therefore, to go somewhere. However, hardly any of us felt safe in the car, if it is not possible to stop it. Good brakes are important — particularly in resource made to the movement. Likewise are the neurotransmitters, Brain Plus IQ, its ability to “slow down” some brain traffic very essential for maintaining balance in the brain.

Specialized literature in the field of Psychiatry speaks with concern about the ability of Brain Plus IQ, our mind “run off the tracks”. It is associated with feelings of stress, nervousness, with psychosis (status, when a person loses the ability to realize what is and is not reality) even with schizophrenia (personality).

The neurotransmitter dopamine is also influenced by his level after taking the supplement increases. And this is very serious. Some of the very difficult psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia is associated with excessive levels of dopamine. Standard medical therapy of these serious mental diseases includes Brain Plus IQ that block dopamine. Therefore, there is nothing special that Folic acid – a substance that increases the level of dopamine-increases the possibility of some mental issues, and even though at first glance looks completely harmless.

Brain Plus IQ supports adequate flow of blood to brain

It influences on frontal lobe activity may be caused by an unbalanced communications of nerve cells. Reduced frontal lobe activity and blood circulation is characteristic for depression. Science combines these changes in part with the level of dopamine in the frontal lobe. Brain Plus IQ unblocks the ability to support adequate flow of blood to the brain and causes distortion of the physiology of dopamine. The Tromso Heart Study offers a short answer to this issue. Scandinavian researchers evaluated the 143 of people found significantly decreased depression. In this group of people were also depressed with less ability to cope with stress and problems with sleep.


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