Is Nitric Storm Scam?


I go regularly to the gym and I have a clear goal. I’m disciplined. I got plenty of foods. But unfortunately my muscle gains slow down significantly. What do I do? Do not worry, there is a solution.


You must add a new supplement for growth. But what kind of new supplement, but all you are doing to maximize, you eat right, you relax enough, etc. The answer is Nitric Storm, a nutritional supplement. You need a good strategy for the supplementation during workout. Yeah, but what, when and how many should I take supplement?

In this article, you I’ll try to give advice in the creation of a stable and proper intake of nutritional supplement.


Nitric Storm manages fat in body

The effect of this supplement has been demonstrated for the management of the fats in the body, which is used in preparations for athletes – for creating muscle and fat reduction. It shows that higher levels of fats are a barrier against the penetration of other fatty acids into fat cells, prevent the storage of fat in the subcutaneous layers. On the contrary, are a fat folder through body fluids transported to the muscles, where they are used as a source of energy for muscle growth and physical activity. Nitric Storm at the same time speeds up the metabolism, increases fat burning. Nitric Storm is to be taken only after a workout as support for faster muscle recovery. The studies have shown that the use of this supplement leads to an anabolic effect on the metabolism of protein and to reduce the degradation of muscle after training.

This study suggests that the best time for consumption of Nitric Storm is immediately after your workout. However, the practical experience of many bodybuilders leads to the conclusion that it is appropriate to use it during the day. We examined the effect of this supplement on muscle pain after endurance workout, but also the possible effects on the additional loss of lean muscle mass during the process of recovery. The results obtained suggest that the dose somewhere between 1 and 2 tablets taken together with carbohydrates about 1 hour before exercise has the most benefit.

It was also shown that drinking beverages containing BCAA during exercise, which took more than 1 hour, has an influence on regeneration. The size of the dose is supplemented with BCAA, depending on the weight of the athletes. Women of minor characters should do something about 1 tablet with 2 g BCAA, while the men (approx. 90 kg) should take about 2 tablets with 8-10 g BCAA. Nitric Storm helps reduce muscle pain after exercise, suggesting that actually inhibits the degradation of muscle tissue. Although the exact causes of delayed muscle aches are not entirely well understood, most likely is caused by inflammation, which is the result of damaged muscle tissue.

The benefits of using Nitric Storm by men:

  • Increase testosterone levels by up to 30%
  • Increase interest in sex life
  • The increase in the volume of muscle mass at the expense of fat
  • Reduction of internal tensions
  • Restoring the vitality and enthusiasm

The benefits of using Nitric Storm by women:

  • Increased levels of the hormone (FSH), estradiol
  • The increase in sexual apetence
  • Mitigating the negative menopausal symptoms
  • Suppression, insomnia, tension, depression, hot flashes, mood changes and irritability
  • Reduction of body fat

Nitric Storm – A cornerstone of nutritional supplements

It is the cornerstone of nutritional supplements. It is slightly digestible, is easy to prepare and is damn effective. Anyone what it thinks seriously, with the strengthening of the supplementation was inevitable. It is the basis of nutritional supplements. Nitric Storm is suitable at a time when you need to quickly deliver the body of high-quality ingredients, but you do not have time to prepare full meals.

The most effective timing of intake of Nitric Storm:

  • 20 minute after waking up: Your body starves 8 and more hours (according to the length of sleep), so it is more than necessary to quickly deliver enough supplement. By stop the ongoing catabolism (degradation processes) and anabolism – the muscles stay can grow again.
  • 20 minute before training: It is time to once again pick up the level of amino acids in the blood. Use the Nitric Storm before training will ensure that your muscles will be the whole training continuous intake of amino acids. This does not only reduce the symptoms of catabolism during training, but also support the subsequent regeneration of muscles.
  • 30 minute after training: This is the ideal time for a serving with the addition of carbohydrates. This dose within 30 min by the end of the workout, you will support the protein synthesis and increase the level of insulin.

It is well known and very effective complement to nutrition. The phosphocreatine in the muscles is then used for muscle contraction. Additionally Nitric Storm increases the level of phosphocreatine and thus also the time that the muscles are able to work. In addition, it soaks muscle cells (the muscles grow bigger) and an anabolic environment and increases protein synthesis. A dose of Nitric Storm and a greater amount of carbohydrates that you deliver to the muscles-everything they need for their maximum growth. This source of protein is very slow, so is sent into the blood at a stable rate over a longer period of time. It is therefore more than an ideal last meal before we go to sleep, or in the period, when we have the possibility of normal food for a longer time.

It provides immediate nutrition for your muscles, but body consumes it, which will give your body the necessary amino acids. This will help your body to remain in the anabolic state, only you won’t have proper training until after the meal. Whereas, it is slow digestive supplement, consume a small dose for a moment before you go to sleep. Really die-hard bodybuilders will appreciate the rapid preparation in the middle of the night, when they woke up to restore the level of amino acids in the blood.


Nitric Storm Ingredients:

  • ALA
  • Antioxidants
  • AAKG
  • BCAA
  • Beta-Alanine
  • CLA
  • Creatine Ethyl Ester
  • DHEA

Price and package

  • $48 – 1 month supply
  • $144 – 3 month supply
  • $240 – 5 month supply

Nitric Storm – A main factor of success

None of you doubts that if anyone wants to gain muscle mass, so it must take more calories than the body. However, do not take it as a guide to ensure that you start a lot of food and you won’t over-eat meeting to think about the composition of nutrients. I think your goal is figure competitor sumo, but you’re going more to the developed physique with visible muscles.

For this reason, your daily caloric intake should not exceed consumption by about 200-500 calories. About your calorie consumption is certainly not much fun, I understand, but it can be a very useful and important. At least for starters, than you estimate about how much and what you can afford to eat what quantity, so there’s work. See for yourself that will pay off. The truth is that even some professional athletes with the counting head and especially in the pick-up phase of this tactic may seem irrelevant.

The opposite is true. In the pick-up phase, Nitric Storm is one of the main factors of success. And you want to be successful or not?! Certainly you don’t need to count calories a day for several months, although it’s nothing much. So, in short, one day get a job with calories for your favorite and most frequently consumed foods, of course, consider the dose of the Nitric Storm, which then remain the same, and it will not be difficult to increase the daily intake of calories. Compared to the time you spend in the gym, this activity takes a minimum of time and one day won’t kill you, math, by contrast, will be very worth it.


Nitric Storm provides calories muscles need

If you are one of the people with a fast metabolism and body works at full speed, so start counting straight with Nitric Storm. I suggest you leave every three weeks to measure the percentage of body fat. Thanks to it you will find, if the recommended procedure is followed and you can regulate the large amount of body fat. It can you help in that, even better to set the most appropriate quantity of consumed calories.

To do this, so you can estimate how many calories your body actually needs on the day, will help you to basic, a simple formula: 30-40 calories per kilogram of your body weight. This means that if you weigh 80 pounds, your body needs something between 2400 and 3200 calories in a day, when you have training a day off. When you combine these numbers still have 200-500 calories. Nitric Storm provides the extra calories you need, if you want to pick up. We’re talking about a day off. In the days when you train, you need to increase this number, let’s say roughly 500 additional calories. If your body needs 30 or 40 calories per kilogram of weight, depends on the speed of your metabolism.

Nitric Storm has the substances, the body desperately need to build muscle mass. Without adequate essential substances, don’t expect high quality muscle gains. During the phase of the shipping consume around 2 grams of protein per kilogram of your weight. Don’t worry about your health – in the event that you are a healthy individual, so increased Nitric Storm dose intake does not have a harmful effect on health, as you can read somewhere. Of course, if you suffer from problems with the kidneys or have other diseases, in which the consumption is useful in smaller doses.

Nitric Storm provides great energy in sports

To find out how much supplement should contains in your daily diet, it is necessary to keep some record of what you eat and in what quantity. I’m sure you have also encountered in some discussion with the concept of biological value. It is often overstated its importance especially in the phase of the volume. Biological value speaks volumes about how well and is easily absorbable protein. Don’t get this too. In the pick-up phase, when the body has more energy than it needs, Nitric Storm does not take a biological value of proteins so much importantly. Don’t dismiss it, but do not overestimate. Nitric Storm provides your muscles en enough valuable building blocks for the growth of muscle mass.

Yes, it is in the phase of the diet, when you think on the biological value, it should ensure much more. But you want to pick up right now, so we keep on supplementation. The main task of Nitric Storm is to provide energy during sports exercise and strength training. The diet should contain enough in volume phase of high-quality ingredients that are necessary for intensive training.


During the day and before the training you should prefer Nitric Storm with low GI carbohydrates. It is such that it has a slower, more consistent effect and your body will store the energy for the entire period of training. Nitric Storm stabilize blood sugar and can induce a feeling of satiety for longer periods. A different situation occurs after a workout, when you should choose a supplement with a high GI. It is for this reason that the body needs to replenish muscle glycogen as soon as possible. To this end, Nitric Storm fulfills this need.

It increases testosterone levels in the body by 10-30%. That’s why at this moment need not worry about that your diet contains more fat than is generally recommended. If you fall between someone with a lot of rapid combustion, so much easier to increase the calorie intake by consuming regular Nitric Storm dose than carbohydrates because it raises your metabolism fast again.


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