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If you eat a balanced diet, most of these substances get into the body in sufficient quantities naturally. If not, it is necessary to deliver them to the body in the form of various multivitamin preparations and dietary supplements. Furthermore, there are substances that are also very beneficial for the brain, but not indispensable.


As mentioned above, in terms of memory skills, regardless of age, but especially on the level of fitness. If your memory is being hit regularly, you are mentally active and try to do the maximum in this direction; you stand often better than some people a generation younger.

The supplements have great importance to the inculcation of certain information in the memory of attention and concentration. Attention is the focus of mental activity on what is to be preserved, by concentrating the information is arranged and included among other information. To the best focus on an activity must be for her, the most positively motivated. It goes without saying that what we like, what we strongly positive emotional relationship, we will learn much more easily than something we do not care. For best focus is also important appropriate environment. Most people will probably suit a quiet environment with minimal distractions, like when someone learning or listening to music. Someone also meets alternate environment in which they are trying to get that information into memory. When equipping this information at a later time, then they realize exactly where he sat for instance, or various other circumstances.

Super Brain protects brain blood vessels

Recommendations to people, who want to protect the brain blood vessels, preemptively taken Super Brain, may be even more beneficial effect. Low dose of this drug improve memory. This sounds good: the dose of Super Brain can, if used regularly, keep the brain young any longer. It showed total new Scandinavian study convincingly, according to which this effect manifests itself mainly in women of the middle and old age. And that’s not all – of this supplement that during long-term use protects the brain blood vessels and reduces the risk of brain stroke. In addition to the benefit for the brain may even reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Unfortunately, not every use of this supplement, not for people, for example, is prone to bleeding from the digestive system and the like. The article, which was published in the online version of the British Medical Journal, refers, inter alia, on a five-year research University in Gothenburg, in which scientists have watched nearly seven hundred women aged from 70 to 92 years which have a history of high risk diseases of the brain blood vessels. If throughout the period of daily use of Super Brain, the risk of brain disease for most of them declined significantly and at the same time was much better with memory. The researchers assume that men should show the same effect, only in this study were not followed.

The occasional use of this supplement on the status of the memory no positive effect not as well as it has, if any of the tracked women need to take half a year and then stopped again. With oxygen, the brain just works better. Probably a better blood flow to the brain, it is so because he gets more oxygen. This is because it works to prevent blood clotting and reduces the risk of blood clots that could clog up the blood vessels. In addition, the circulation of the blood is flowing so easily. It has another potential advantage. However, it may have a number of serious side effects, and therefore, no one should take it, especially not over the long term, without having to consult their doctor before.

Super Brain – A primary fuel for brain

For better functioning of the brain, in addition to supplementation, it is important the correct and balanced diet with the right ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Proteins have direct effects on memory, information processing in the brain and storage of information, are the source of neurotransmitter (substance capable of transmitting impulses) in the brain. Super Brain is the primary fuel for the brain; the brain consumes a quarter of the energy derived from glucose. It is also an important source of energy and are also important for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K (fat soluble vitamins), which are also important for the brain.

It ensures optimal blood flow to the brain, thereby improving its functioning. Super Brain has the ingredients are essential for brain function. We need it for the proper functioning of the nervous system as a whole and for the quality of mental activity. Furthermore, it has essential ingredients, which are important antioxidant – protects cells against damage by oxygen radicals, also acts against atherosclerosis.

The L-Tyrosine and trace elements needed for proper brain function, which affects the energy exchange in nerve cells, improves memory and thinking. We accept it in the body through GABA. Further, Bacopa Monnieri – deficiency causes slow psychomotor speed, apathy and depression. It is needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Equally significant is the Alpha GPC (an important antioxidant preventing free radicals). Also, it is an important antioxidant deficiency disorder causing mental activities. Finally, it is essential for brain. Super Brain is important for adequate transfer of oxygen to cells throughout the body, including the brain.


  • L-Tyrosine
  • GABA
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Alpha GPC
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A

The price and package

Every bottle has 30 capsules.

  • 1 Bottle – $49.85
  • 3 Bottles – $113.82
  • 5 Bottles – $149.95

Super Brain influences human psyche

For memory is the worst inaction, lack of incentives for processing. Memory, if not adequately stimulated, lazy and then of course much more difficult to work. Indeed, like any other organ or muscle in the body. Therefore, try to be active, plan your daily some activity, get to know new places, new people, go for culture, inquire about the world around them, read newspapers, Lust crosswords, watch television educational programs, knowledge competitions and the supplementation.

Super Brain helps keep your brain in good shape. If you add it to your diet in a reasonable quantity, the brain will work with flawless features. We can thus protect it from forgetting or faulty judgment. Super Brain acts not only against the risk of atherosclerosis, which may be reflected deterioration of brain function, but a great influence is also on the development of children’s brains and positively influence the human psyche as a whole.

At the international conference dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease were presented results of a study which showed that mice fed a regular Super Brain dose has significantly improved memory, ability to learn and greatly improved coordination of movements. All this thanks to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid. Specific types of omega-3 fatty acids in this supplement are associated with decreased risk of dementia, improvement of concentration and memory. It is an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids called omega-9 fatty acids. Adequate intake of dos can slow the aging of the brain by as much as 6-7 years. It has long been linked to brain health. Now, it was confirmed that in humans significantly slow down the natural loss of memory and concentration. This research involved a large sample of middle-aged women.

Super Brain improves brain’s processing capabilities

Although aging leads to gradual loss of focus and clarity of thought, there are many young people who have similar difficulties. Concentration problems are affecting an increasing number of us. To blame are especially high demands that are placed on us. Many tasks bring ever greater demands on the brain and body, which is reflected in their productivity. Super Brain is equally important, because the brain needs for proper functioning of proper nutrients. The following foods help improve brain power and improve concentration. It is full of agents promoting brain function.

However, studies show it can benefit the brain. The new study looked at its ingredients, which improves recognition and processing capabilities of the brain. People who regularly take dose may be better protected against developing neurological disorders. Huperzine A is a bitter substance produced in the lupulin glands of hop cones, deserving more attention thanks to its numerous pharmacological activities. It is the active ingredient in this supplement and brings various health benefits for brain. It act as anti-inflammatory, anticancer, strengthens immunity, regulates metabolism. It also helps to keep blood sugar in diabetics. The substance has a function to promote the formation of memories. The study suggests that it is important to get these substances in the body time to his health effects could manifest itself fully. Super Brain thus is a suitable prevention against Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases. It is therefore healthy supplement, but only when used in moderation.

Super Brain helps students in learning

It is ongoing examination period, which is very difficult for university students. At a time when we need to concentrate and receive a high intake of information is good to know what supplement to improve and enrich our brain capacity. Intensive learning, ability to concentrate, and in the end you find all the information received to remember, our brain is challenging. It is therefore very important to know how the brain relaxes, how sudden fatigue comes and especially what is rightly encouraging. Correct or, conversely, poor nutrition has an impact on mental performance and on our overall health. As Super Brain improve memory, mental and freshness when we need to learn intensively.

The energy source for brain cells is glucose, a simple sugar. Glucose in our body cleaves most carbohydrate and glucose deprivation to the brain usually safe. If we feel tired during learning, its intake can reduce fatigue. It is no longer spends and after absorption, it becomes the rapid and direct source of energy for the brain. But we must pay attention to the large intake of glucose and simple carbohydrates that contribute to overweight and obesity, increased tooth decay, development of diabetes and other diseases. Like the classic sugar for diabetics and people who are overweight or obese glucose inappropriate.

Against fatigue both during learning we can also fight so that we can create ideal conditions with Super Brain. The fatigue can contribute improperly set-up menu, but also poor diet and inappropriate or low fluid intake. If these principles not only in education do not respect your ability to concentrate is reduced and worse and average academic performance. The ability to learn is also smaller just after food, which increases blood flow in the abdominal area (due to digestion and absorption of nutrients from food) and on the contrary, reduced blood flow in muscles and brain.

Super Brain improves cerebral blood flow

It is a good stimulant of the brain. Besides, it has also some powerful antioxidant that helps to keep the brain healthy. Some studies show that regular supplement intake can protect women before the onset of depression. It is not only good for your muscles, but the antioxidant lutein us additionally protect against loss of brain ability. It clearly improves cerebral blood flow and thus keeps it in good shape and youthful state. Take two doses for 30 days improved cerebral blood flow in elderly patients with impaired cerebral blood flow enough to significantly improve in tests of memory and thinking.

It is rich in Vinpocetine, a basic building component of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter, a substance transmit impulses between nerve cells. Lack of this transporter is associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or memory disorders, and short and long term. Among the most famous in preparation is undoubtedly Alpha GPC. In addition, Super Brain significantly improves memory and learning ability, assists and elsewhere. Alpha GPC, for example, promotes the conversion of fat (healthy weight loss), and is effective against cellulite, protects and regenerates the liver, lowers cholesterol, improves heart and circulatory system, reduces hair loss and slows the aging process.

It stabilizes the condition and operation of all cells by stabilizing cell membranes. It has a beneficial effect on the activity of the nervous system, improve learning ability and slow the aging process. Use would have had especially those who suffer from nervous weakness, forgetfulness, insomnia and headaches.

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