Is Vita Luminance Scam?

Do you suffer from minor wrinkles? Are you dissatisfied with commercial models, which boast an alabaster complexion flawlessly? But the reality is somewhere else, because wrinkles are perfectly natural. However, there are ways to reduce them, and believe that with regular and long-term care will see a huge difference! How to do it?


With age, gradually slowing the formation of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen in the skin, collagen fibers lose elasticity. The skin becomes flabby, less elastic. This process significantly speeds up due to smoking, poor diet, lack of fluids and other influences. There are several types of wrinkles according to their causes. Let’s now look together, what they are and how to protect against them can most effectively fight.

They appear quite soon, someone must already of school age. As the name suggests, their cause is a facial expression – various grins, laughter, troubled expression – in short faces, without which you can not do ordinary human communication. The most common are above the bridge of the nose and horizontal lines on the forehead.


Vita Luminance – A cheap cream with great results

The costly creams are not so important, someone just cheap creams look great, different products need to invest more. It all depends on your skin type. In involves Vita Luminance, a skin care supplement with evening primrose oil, silicon, hyaluronic acid coenzyme Q10 andvitamins A, C or E.

To remove dead cells, you can use it for weekly peeling (owner of dry skin only once every two weeks). Apply it from the bridge of the nose sideways, gentle, circular motions. Wrinkles caused by external influences are very obvious, often the hardest to remove. They affect the whole face, the most forehead and around the eyes and mouth.

It contains a cocktail of natural complexes; the most nutritious ingredient is goat colostrum subscribed for 24 hours. This is the first cosmetic composition with a high content of natural biological growth factor of goat colostrum, which promotes the growth and regeneration of cells. Vita Luminance is as a light emulsion effectively slows down the aging of the skin and accelerates skin renewal, hydrates and protects against the effects of stress. Thoroughly renewing the structure of the skin, restructures its lower layers without synthetic preservatives, dyes and fragrances allergens.

Vita Luminance penetrate into deeper skin layers

Antioxidants can be found in natural form in foods, but also as an important ingredient in cosmetic products. Include in your diet foods rich in antioxidants, preferably in fresh form. The overall effect will support the use of antioxidant skin care.

Vita Luminance is a kind of cosmetic that promises antioxidant composition. This preparation is available currently on the market that contains both fruit extracts and plant antioxidant or synthetically produced antioxidants as already mentioned superoxide dismutase, catalase or vitamins A, C and E. The most suitable composition of Vita Luminance contains a complex of several active antioxidants and whose composition is further enriched with substances that fight skin aging. E.g. Firewall news from the British brand Medik8 offers you a cocktail of highly potent antioxidants and anti-aging peptides that overnight the skin will help to regenerate and hydrate throughout the day and it protects against the adverse effects of the environment in which we live.

For antioxidants, as well as with other active compounds, when produced synthetically, the manufacturer must often deal with the stability problem. It is a compound which effects of temperature, water, or light lose their active form and thus the efficiency. Another factor to be taken into account is the intersection of Vita Luminance into the deeper layers of the skin through the skin barrier. There must often help the carrier liposomes or combined use which disrupts the structure of the skin and the effect of the penetration of active substances increases significantly. For synthetic antioxidants is also possible to use chemically modified (processed) molecules that after penetration of the body changes to the active substance.

The skin care cream with antioxidant agents are not drugs. Our health is largely in our hands. The body itself is us good advice and learn when to listen to its signals, we make for ourselves more than frequent visits to clinics. Free radicals in the body must be, but there may not be enough to harm. By using antioxidants help maintain the necessary balance. Besides the regular intake of foods rich in antioxidants also recommend quitting smoking, avoiding stress, and if it goes a little too polluted environment. Conversely, among its activities, engage and regular exercise in the fresh air and take sufficient sleep.



  • Superoxide dismutase
  • Catalase
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C and E
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Lemon grass
  • Marigold
  • Goat milk fat
  • Extract of Ulva Lactuca
  • Pink salt

Vita Luminance restores natural skin balance

There is a new cosmetic line for the care of problematic skin with acne and black dots. Problematic skin is most common during pubertal age when increasing the hormonal activity, resulting in increased sebum production, and consequently the formation of acne. Vita Luminance is made from natural ingredients that help to restore the natural balance and youthful-looking skin. Use Vita Luminance, which effectively hides acne while it dries. It is available in light and medium dark shade. It contains lemon grass and marigold, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

To soothe and nourish the skin, try this refreshing tonic cream that removes impurities, regulates the amount of sebum in the skin, narrowing the pores and protect against new inflammatory acne. It contains lemon grass, cucumber and alcohol free. For local fight acne, you can use Vita Luminance, an active antibacterial cream that soothes and dries the acne in 2-3 days. It contains lemon grass and marigold, thanks to anti-inflammatory effect. Regenerates the skin, restores its natural balance and has a soothing effect.

The skin must be cleaned every day, remove makeup and moisturize. For this purpose you can use it, which offers a wide range of skin care ingredients. It contains natural active ingredients that gently cleanse the skin while caring it. It takes care of your skin and prevents wrinkles; it is an excellent drainer, which soothes the skin around the eyes. If you need a deep clean the skin, use it three times a day, which removes makeup from the eye, deeply cleanses the skin while it tones. This emulsion applied to your face, gently massaged into the skin and wipe off with cotton wool residues or wash water. Vita Luminance with excellent antibacterial cleans the skin in depth, soothes and narrows pores. The depth remove dirt and makeup can also enjoy refreshing cleansing foam with cotton extract and green tea. Foam applied to your damp skin of the face, gently massage and rinse. It hydrates the skin, helping restore softness and regenerates. It is rich in minerals and vitamins slow skin aging. It is necessary to avoid the area around the eyes.

Vita Luminance rejuvenates skin with antioxidants

It rejuvenates the skin using antioxidants. New product, rejuvenation, helps the youthful appearance of the skin, hydrates, protects against free radicals, stimulates collagen production and reduces pigmentation spots. It contains a unique complex of active antioxidant compounds called Cusodase-P.

To achieve the most effective antioxidant action of Vita Luminance is stored in the bicameral system; where they remain fresh ingredients and begin actively operate only after mixing. Before application it is necessary to apply to the back of his hand one dose of each chamber packaging and slowly mix the two components in a circular motion. The color changes of the blue, which signals the activation of a complex of antioxidants. The preparation is then applied gently to the facial skin.


How does it work?

  • Improves the appearance of skin damaged by the sun,
  • Protects skin against future signs of aging,
  • Reduces age spots and color irregularity,
  • Improves hydration and skin tone,
  • Retains the right skin collagen levels,
  • Strengthens the youthful radiance of skin.

Cold and frost do not benefit at all the skin on my hands, so indulge her nurturing care and create moments of this daily ritual. Hands will certainly care for this auspicious soon rewarded. Try new skin caring cream, Vita Luminance with aromas of black cherries and Belgian chocolate with orange, which will leave your skin soft and silky smooth. Indeed, manicured hands are your business card! Looking for the beautiful manicured hands? Try this skin caring cream that leave skin silky smooth without feeling greasy. At the same time its scent sensual aromas, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy a wonderfully scented ritual every day. Scent of Belgian chocolate with orange will attract you with its refreshing scent. Besides orange oil contains vitamin E and panthenol to regenerate and nourish the skin.

The second new feature of this series is hand cream with aromas of black cherries. Extract of cherry blossoms in combination with panthenol and glycerin moisturizes the skin intensively, soften and nourish the nails and the cuticles around them. Also try to date the smell of grapes with lime. It contains vitamin E and grape seed oil, which promotes skin regeneration and slows the aging process.

Vita Luminance ensures 24 hour hydration

Do you feel seductive? You want your skin was scented with a sensual? Let your body speak and transform it into an instrument of inviting you to play with Vita Luminance! Discover the delicious thrill of irresistible skin with this new line of scented lotion for the women’s 24-hour hydration. Give your skin a softness and sensuality that will haunt hundreds of worshipers! It turns your skin in an invitation to play. Vita Luminance has been dermatologically tested and provides immediate hydration for 24 hours. Use day and then enjoy an extremely mild, pleasant and irresistible skin.

Shaving can irritate the skin, which then turns red and may appear on it and rash. But men and women use use Vita Luminance to prevent these unpleasant consequences. It instantly calms, moisturizes the skin and additionally, restores skin’s protective mantle. It also moisturizes and soothes stressed skin after shaving and permits its tension. It relieves burning, itching and redness, which may occur after shaving. Its delicate refreshing fragrance in addition is pleasantly encouraging. The cream is clinically tested.

Vita Luminance’s composition of fat goat milk is different from cow. Smaller fat globules in goat milk provide better digestibility (and thus less risk for development of cardiovascular disease) and for the skin better penetration, along with active substances pulling liposoluble deeper into the skin. In addition, goat milk is a possible alternative for people allergic to cow’s milk. According to clinical studies on healthy skin and on the skin of volunteers suffering from atopic eczema or psoriasis are healed with goat milk products containing irritating, without negative reactions, while the skin condition improved, it calmed down, softened and overall revived. In combination with Coenzyme Q10 (used since ancient times to relieve inflammatory processes and wound healing), it is used as active ingredients (for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment). It is a modern approach to skin care with the preservation of centuries-proven tradition.

Vita Luminance protects dry and mature skin

Milk bath additive, particularly is right for dry and mature skin, significantly rejuvenates and protects skin from harmful environmental effects and also creates a sense of inner harmony. The biological system of goat milk moisturizes and nourishes skin.

It’s brightening day cream in a jar with dispenser. It supports collagen and elastin, treats even deep wrinkles. Lemon grass protects skin cells before the onset of inflammation, Catalase soothes the skin, regenerates and moisturizes and extract of UlvaLactuca (or sea lettuce) has anti-inflammatory properties and also stimulates collagen production in the skin, so it has anti-aging effect. Fat-soluble vitamins nourish and soften the skin. It prevents skin from drying. It easily absorbed, soft and silky texture is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Its regeneration effects are suitable for all skin types, especially for skin eczematic suffering from psoriasis and acne. The biological system of goat milk adjusts the pH of the skin and also moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Pink salt from the lake resembles the composition of Dead Sea salt, which regenerates the skin. The smell of lavender and “flower blossoms” creates a pleasant sensory experience.



  1. I have very dry and itchy skin on the hands is prone to peeling of the skin. Vita Luminance is a miracle. We have enjoyed the whole day even sensitive skin.

  2. it is a regenerating hand cream is really great, very helpful with me forever skin care. For me it is perfect.

  3. it is not a regenerating cream is for me an absolute leader. I suffer from extremely dry hands and not only in winter but in the summer months.

  4. it is absolutely luxurious, immediately absorbed, leaving no greasy skin, while skin is very soft and smooth. Feeling fine hand remains even after washing.

  5. perhaps the first cream that when exertion and in a short time you need to wash your skin and not leave the unpleasant sensation of fatty cream. Definitely I will try it more.

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