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Pedestrians’ Right of Way

Pedestrians are always killed on the road as they attempt to cross and averagely, more than 100000 people are killed every year. The consequences are always severe, be it the negligence of the pedestrians or the motorist. This alarming number of pedestrians accident has led to a topic of discussion for many, whether the pedestrians have their right of way. Therefore, when you follow the pedestrians right of way, you will be staying on the road, and not the hospital. You may not know where to start from but when you click here on this homepage, you will get to learn more. To learn more about the pedestrians right of way, then you need to read more in this article.

The traffic light is one of the things that will allow you as the pedestrian to have the right of way. You will then read the instruction on the traffic light to allow you to cross the road as the pedestrian. The concept is the same to that of the drivers, in which the green light indicates that they should drive on. However, it can get a bit murky when it comes to making right turns. When you are a pedestrian and you want to cross the road before such a driver, you should follow this process. You will ensure that the motorist has come to a halt as shown by the red light. As you cross the road, the motorist should continue to yield. The motorist is expected to make the right turn, only if you have crossed the road. During this incidence, most of the pedestrians get stuck. Before you cross the road, you will look at the motorist and ensure that they are at least yielding before you start to cross.

You can as well find yourself crossing the road where there is intersection but no enforcement. It will even be more complicated when the driver wants to make a right turn. As a pedestrian, you will not have to look for a crosswalk as it may not be present, but you can still cross the road. Always ensure that the motorist has stopped so that you can cross the road. A motorist may be approaching when you have initiated the crossing, so it should be on the lookout for the pedestrians crossing as well. This can be a residential area with children around and you know how they are playful, so the motorist should be on the lookout. As a pedestrian, you will ensure that the motorist has come to a halt.