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Sustainable Innovations and How They Have Changed the Face of Commerce.
All over the world, the youth are growing impatient and are raising their voice on climate change caused by the companies and Governments. In the past fifty years, there has been a lot of pollution, loss of plant and animal diversity through the clearance of the tropical rain forest and the effects of these actions are being felt in form of climate change. Sustainable innovations championed by all stakeholders in the commerce sector are the new and greener way to go as they are geared towards reducing the effects of climate change.
For instance, the fashion industry is enjoying sustainable innovations through new textile products which are produced from plant waste and are more ecologically friendly. The major negative impact which the textile industries have on the globe is that the harmful chemicals degrade aquatic ecosystems leading to the loss of their ecology. The textile industry has seen ground coffee, nettle, pineapple fabric, and hemp as some of the materials used to make fabrics. The main benefits reaped from these waste generated textiles is that they are cheap, environmentally friendly and also durable.
The agricultural sector is the most depended on sector by our current civilization as we all have to eat a minimum of three meals every day. To satisfy the food needs, the sector has seen the degradation of natural ecosystems through over-exploitation degradation of forested lands to generate food. Underground space being used for food production is one of the inventions that is being used for food production in areas with limited space. LED lights which are powered by solar panels are then used to supply the plants with light which is essential for their growth. Coupled with personal, vertical and balcony gardens, the food demand in urban areas can easily be met.
Urban settings produce a lot of waste and some of the sustainable techniques that can be employed for its management are reusing, reducing and recycling it. The utilization of single-use plastics as a construction material for roads and homes has seen the amount disposed of in landfills and other natural ecosystems reduced. In order to reduce the negative impacts on nature caused by plastics, their production can be cut and also they can be supplemented with other degradable materials. We can also check on our water usage behaviors and reduce the wastage, recycle water and also reuse it for different purposes.
The shift to clean and renewable sources of energy is also a smart and innovative way to reduce the impacts of climate change on our natural ecosystems and life forms inhabiting them. By shifting to green energy sources, world industries would see a reduction of carbon released to the atmosphere and this would be a right step to reducing global warming the mother to climate change. Always keep in mind that if you destroy nature, it retaliates and in turn destroys you.