The Importance of Branded Content and Professionals in the Area

I have a degree in marketing and before graduating in this area, I worked with business administration, that is, I am involved a lot in this type of service, but marketing was where I found myself because it is what I like to work for, besides being a very promising area. I’m currently working on a branded content agency. My worker is challenging and not very stable but it’s what I like to do and I don’t see myself doing anything else before saying what a person who works in a branded content agency does, what is branded content? Branded Content consists of creating interesting and qualified content capable of representing your brand and its values. In this sense, this content must be about themes or subjects that your business completely dominates.Instead of seeking interaction with consumers through advertising, with branded content, the brand exposes its own opinions, points of view, and values, to reach the deepest side of its potential customers. To apply branded content it is necessary to pay attention to the following steps: Researching the target audience to determine personas;Understanding the business’s sales funnel to identify the best content to offer at each stage – from getting to know the company to purchase;Production of exclusive and qualified content at each stage of the sales funnel;Content distribution on different channels, taking into account the platforms used by each persona defined in the first stage; Now it’s the part where the agency pro branded content comes in and he’s involved in the reason for doing branded content, so why do that kind of strategy?One of the biggest advantages of branded content is the possibility for the company to get to know the consumer’s journey more closely. In this way, the digital marketing strategy makes the brand trust itself more, since the content will be aligned with its values. Thus, with branded content, consumers are attracted by the identification they maintain with the brand’s values – which leads to the creation of a solid relationship based on synergy. Now that you know what a professional in the field does, I hope I have inspired many of you to enter this incredible field.;